Boost innovation in wind energy

Publication date 15.01.2014

Christof Devriendt, FWO-funded post-doctoral researcher within the Acoustic and Vibration Research Group(AVRG) coordinates the - IOF funded - Brussels Wind Energy Institute ‘Bruwind’ in which several research groups join their technologies to boost innovation in wind energy, from small wind turbines in urban environments to large offshore wind farms. Improving the design of wind turbines and optimizing their operation and maintenance is the main challenge.

Bruwind’s key expertise is structural health monitoring of wind turbines, including corrosion management, dynamic monitoring, new sensor technologies and material behavior. Bruwinds expertise is made available to the Flemish Offshore Wind Energy Industry through the Offshore Wind Infrastructure Lab. The OWI lab was initiated by the companies 3E, CG, ZF and DEME with the support of industrial coordinator Sirris. Christof is its scientific coordinator. In the OWI-lab framework, research groups AVRG and SURF developed a state-of-the art structural health monitoring system running for almost two years at the offshore wind farm Belwind. Under an IWT O&O project this product will be further developed and evaluated at the new Northwind wind farm. Besides these industry driven projects, AVRG continues its fundamental research. It coordinates the IWT SBO project OptiWind, bringing together universities and companies doing strategic basic research for the serviceability and reliability of ‘next generation wind turbines’.