Brussels Integrated Sensor Laboratory - BISENS

Publication date 24.01.2012

New Imec associated laboratory: BISENS

After several interrupted years, the VUB once again has an associated laboratory of Imec (Inter-university Microelectronics Center), BISENS (Brussels Integrated Sensor Laboratory) headed by Prof. dr. ir. Johan Stiens.

The associated lab will focus its research on integrated sensors, operating in the millimeter and THz wave range, covering the least explored part of the electromagnetic spectrum between 30 GHz and 3 THz. The evolution in microelectronics will allow the design of analog integrated circuits operating in the mm wave range and even above in the coming years, and this in combination with an impressive computing capacity of digital Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductors (CMOS). This opens perspectives to mass-market mm wave sensing and imaging applications combining cheap CMOS integration with transmit and receive antennas, and powerful digital signal processing capabilities.

BISENS will focus on dielectric permittivity sensors, configured in special sensor architectures, featuring higher sensitivity and horizontal and vertical resolution than other techniques. Two major applications are the quantitative measurement of water concentrations in its various phase states in matter and the non-destructive testing of multi-layer composites. The application domain of mm wave sensors is very diverse and many industries are envisioned. They include food, pharmacy, biotechnology, chemistry, and sustainable energy production. Technical activities involve the study and design of multi-component sensor architectures, critical CMOS circuits, beam forming with antenna arrays, fabrication processes, including heterogeneous integration aspects, signal-processing of hyper-spectral dielectric spectroscopic data and dielectric studies of material mixtures and material parameter extraction techniques. Apart from the technical activities, market data in various industrial applications domains will be gathered to analyze the potential valorization tracks for integrated mm wave sensors.

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