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Publication date 02.08.2011

Brussels Photonics Team tests new subsidy model for industrial innovation in Europe

Technology-driven innovation requires top experts and expensive technology supply chains to turn novel concepts into new products.

All too often, SMEs don’t have access to such infrastructures or to the highly skilled people operating these technology platforms.

As a result, high technology becomes a showstopper rather than a catalyst for product innovation and economic growth.
To overcome this problem, the Brussels Photonics Team (B-PHOT) at the VUB is currently testing a new subsidy model from the European Commission.

The aim of the new model is to give companies access to top-level technology platforms and experts in no time, at no cost, and risk-free. Photonics, which exploits the unique properties of light to produce durable, energy friendly, innovative products that improve the quality of life, was identified as a perfect test case. The design, manufacture, integration, and testing of cutting-edge photonic components is extremely complex.

To overcome this obstacle, B-PHOT has created ACTMOST, a European technology access center involving 14 high-tech research laboratories from six Member States. Together they form a unique ‘one-stop-shop-solution-provider’ for micro-photonic technologies that provides complete solutions for companies through focused joint collaborations. 

The technology support ACTMOST offers encompasses the entire value chain of micro-photonics: from optical design, to measurement, prototyping, replication and packaging, all the way to proof-of-concept demonstration, prototyping, reliability testing, and pre-production level fabrication. With ACTMOST, B-PHOT hopes to lower the barriers to photonics-driven product innovation in Europe.

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