Chemical Engineering (CHIS) - Nextchrom

Publication date 29.07.2011

The Next Generation of Liquid Phase (Bio-) Analytical Separation Devices 

Department of Chemical Engineering 

The research of the Department of Chemical Engineering (CHIS) is organized along two tightly linked research themes :

  • Adsorption and Transport Modelling
  • and Analytical Separation Science  

The secondline research emphasizes obtaining a better understanding of the methods and systems currently used to conduct (bio-) analytical separations (primarily liquid chromatography). CHIS performs these investigations mainly by utilizing computer simulations of flow and diffusion. The insights gained are also utilized in combination with the latest advancements in the fields of micro-fabrication and nanotechnology to design and develop improved analytical separation devices.

SBO (Strategisch BasisOnderzoek) project - NextChrom

In the SBO project entitled ”NextChrom: Building and Using the Next Generation of Liquid Phase (Bio-) Analytical Separation Devices”, the CHIS group aims at developing the next generation of chromatographic columns and supports for liquidphase chromatography.

Within this project, novel high-tech fabrication technologies and manufacturing approaches, such as photolithographic etching, precision milling, laser ablation and thin-layer deposition, are introduced to analytical chemistry.

The project is motivated by the significant needs of the pharmaceutical industry, the food and environmental analysis sector, and the polymer industry for better and faster analytical separations. Meanwhile, the project has entered its third year and has already demonstrated the powerful possibilities of the new manufacturing approach, leading to many peer-reviewed publications, invited lectures and best-poster prizes. To turn these promising results into an economically viable product, the CHIS group is currently searching for business partners.

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