E-health solutions for acute stroke care in driven ambulances

Publication date 15.01.2014

As a student at the Solvay Business School, Alexis Valenzuela Espinoza showed an early interest in the valorization of technological development through entrepreneurship. In the ‘Technological Entrepreneurship’ course, he and a multidisciplinary team of students mapped out valorization strategies for new VUB technologies.

In the final year of his Master’s, Alexis obtained an INNOVIRIS (SOIB) research grant for the PreSSUB-project: Pre-Hospital Stroke Study at UZ Brussel. The multidisciplinary PreSSUB-team worked for more than two years on the development and implementation of e-health solutions for acute stroke care in driven ambulances. The project is embedded in the Center for Neurosciences (C4N), which focuses on the development of novel therapeutic strategies for neurological and mental disorders and better understanding mechanisms of cognition and behavior. PreSSUB has recently been extended for a third year by INNOVIRIS and has secured additional funding (Koning Boudewijn Fonds, Willy Gepts Fonds & IOF Proof-of-Concept Call). The team is negotiating with various Venture Capitalists in order to create a spin-off (working name Zebra) in 2014 to valorize the developed technologies and care processes and improve patient care around the world. As a commercial engineer, Alexis has brought the necessary knowledge to the multidisciplinary team in order to draft a realistic business model and financial plan, to elaborate new patents, implement CE-marking procedures, to develop collaboration with several commercial partners (e.g. Belgacom) and to apply a cost-effectiveness model.