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Publication date 24.01.2012

Newly designed endotracheal tube for the prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia

The use of endotracheal tubes (ETT) increases susceptibility to ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). Contamination is caused by the inflow of bacteriologically contaminated secretions into the distal airways. This may occur when the patient is disconnected from the ventilator – accidentally or while preparing extubation – or when the cuff gradually loses pressure. The newly designed ETT relies upon a physiologically proven concept that removes secretions while the patient remains adequately ventilated. In vitro tests, mimicking in vivo situations, with a prototype have proven its efficacy.

The UK and US Priority Patent Applications (resp. No. 1015078.7 and No. 61/381,792) were filed on September 10, 2010. TTI is now seeking industrial partners to further develop the prototype, to test it in a recognized laboratory, and to perform safety tests in a small cohort of ventilated ICU patients. If in vitro efficacy and in vivo safety are assured, we are interested in entering into a license agreement for the commercialization of our newly designed endotracheal tube.

More information on VUB technology offers: www.vubtechtransfer.be

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