ERC Starting Grant to develop groundbreaking on-chip light sources

Publication date 15.01.2014

Developing new concepts in photonics – the technology of light – for real-life applications is the core business of the Brussels Photonics Team (B-PHOT). This year the B-PHOT group celebrates 30 years of photonics research, 20 years of education in photonics engineering and 10 years of participation in European projects. In 2010, Nathalie Vermeulen was awarded the prestigious Photonics21 Student Innovation Award. She recently also obtained a 1.5 million euro Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) to develop groundbreaking on-chip light sources suitable for, amongst others, medical imaging and optical telecommunication device testing. Whereas this ERC project is mostly focused on fundamental research, B-PHOT also has a strong track-record in applied and industrial research.

The group collaborates with companies such as Barco, BEST and TE Connectivity in the framework of IWT and European projects as well as bilateral agreements. As a result of this strong link with industry, B-PHOT has been recognized as a IOF Knowledge Center by the VUB’s Industrial Research Fund. Over the years, the group has built up a strong patent portfolio in photonics. It will play a leading role within the new Strategic Research Center on Advanced Manufacturing. In this role the group will rely on its state-of-the-art design, prototyping, measurement, and fabrication equipment installed at B-PHOT’s brand-new Photonics Innovation Center in Gooik (