Chemical Engineering (CHIS) - separation technologies

Publication date 19.09.2011

Micro- and nano-engineering solutions for cleaner production processes

The VUB’s department of Chemical Engineering (CHIS) has a long tradition in innovative generic research in separation technologies. The department transforms basic chemical research results into industrial reaction and separation processes, more precisely in the field of adsorption processes, analytical separation science, and microreactor technology. The majority of unit operations performed in a chemical plant are separation processes. These separation processes also play a key role in the life sciences industry.

With the growing interest in cleaner production processes, sustainable and rational use of raw materials and energy, CO2 emissions reduction, a cleaner environment, better food quality, etc, it can be safely assumed that separation technologies (on a large production scale as well as an analytical scale) will become more and more important in the future.

Eileen Dejaegere, employed in the framework of the IOF (Industrieel Onderzoeksfonds) industrial research fund, devotes her time exclusively to running and managing a profitable business unit exploiting the available know-how and measurement facilities of the department. Knowledge generated within CHIS is conscientiously protected and offered to appropriate parties.

The department’s extensive measuring facilities and a dedicated technician are also available for contract research with industrial partners. As such, the department collaborates with several companies on research and development projects and provides consultancy services. In 2010 CHIS created the independent Flanders’ Microfluidics and Microreactor Consortium (FMMC), which is attracting considerable national and international interest. FMMC aims to group, inform and stimulate small and large companies to use this particular technology for industrial purposes. CHIS is also preparing a spin-off company in the field of microfluidics.

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