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Publication date 29.07.2011

Enlightened Research @ TONA

The Photonics Research Team, directed by Professor Hugo Thienpont, focuses its research on the technology of light.

Current research topics are :

  • the design of micro-optical components
  • the development of optical instrumentation
  • micro-lasers
  • silicon photonics
  • optical sensors
  • and biophotonics.


In collaboration with companies such as Umicore, Philips, Barco, Melexis, Tyco, Best, Icos, Anteryon and many others, this team designs new optical components, develops innovative photonic systems, and targets paradigm-shifting applications for a better quality of life. So far this research group has contributed to the development of :

  • high-quality projection systems
  • medical displays
  • data communication systems for the automobile sector, food-sorting machines, fiber-to-the-home systems, and much more.

TONA in Europe

The team of Professor Thienpont also co-ordinates the European Network of Excellence on Micro-Optics, NEMO

NEMO is a consortium of 30 top research labs from 12 European countries.

Together these labs have set up six service and technology centers to support start-ups, SMEs and companies with their issues in the areas of optical design, optical metrology, micro-optical fabrication, packaging, reliability testing, and standardization.

More information through the NEMO website.

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