Laboratory for Molecular and Cellular Therapy - LMCT

Publication date 19.09.2011

LMCT seeks innovative strategies for the treatment of cancer and HIV  

In 2008, the number of people living with HIV worldwide reached 33.4 million.  In Europe, cancer has long been recognized as the second most common cause of death.

The main focus of the Laboratory for Molecular and Cellular Therapy (LMCT) is the development of innovative strategies for the treatment of both diseases.

LMCT is located on the Life Science Campus of the VUB and is associated with the Medical School and the University Hospital UZ Brussels. Professor Kris Thielemans has a dual appointment in both institutions. To optimize the transfer of its translational research activities, LMCT has established an HIV-Cell Therapy Unit and a Cancer-Cell Therapy Unit together with clinical scientists from the Department of Infectious Diseases and the Department of Medical Oncology & Hematology.

Given the clear economic and societal importance of its research, LMCT is funded by the Industrial Research Fund (IOF – Industrieel Onderzoeksfonds) since 2009. The LMCT research group, comprising 15 researchers, has a long-term interest in the immunobiology of antigen presenting cells (dendritic cells) and a vast experience in immunotherapy. In the framework of its IOF funding, the group has hired a business development manager – Charlotte Dekeyser – to establish more enduring collaborations with the pharma industry and to explore whether a spin-off would be a viable tool to commercialize the therapies it develops. Since 2002, LMCT and the department of medical oncology of the UZ Brussel have conducted a clinical research program (phase I/II) in which these autologous antigen presenting dendritic cells (DCs) have been evaluated in small cohorts of patients with advanced melanoma (skin

Recently, promising results have been obtained with autologous Trimix DC therapy based on patented Trimix technology, developed by LMCT.

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Laboratory for Molecular and Cellular Therapy (LMCT)

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Head: Kris Thielemans

Scientific contact: Aude Bonehill

IOF-contact: Hilde Van Raemdonck