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Publication date 29.07.2011

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“ELEC” stands for “Fundamental Electricity and Instrumentation” and the name refers to the educational and research tasks and objectives of this department.

The main research activity of the department is the development of new measurement techniques using advanced signal-processing methods embedded in an identification framework. Engineers and scientists use mathematical models intensively. The ELEC research is directed at obtaining better models for dynamic systems.

Within this context, ELEC has developed a software package in Matlab™ to identify dynamic systems from experimental data in collaboration with Professor István Kollár from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The principle source of the algorithms and ideas used in the Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox (fdident) in MATLAB are the books of Johan Schoukens and Rik Pintelon. The further programming work and the development of the user interface were carried out by István Kollár. Until 2001 this toolbox was distributed as a MathWorks product, since then it is available as a third-party product, which is distributed by the Hungarian company Gamax.

The MathWorks is the leading global provider of software for technical computing and model-based design. The toolbox royalties are divided 50-50 between the Belgian and the Hungarian research groups.

Based on his work, Johan Schoukens and his team were awarded a Methusalem grant from the Flemish Government in 2007 to set up a “Centre for Data-Based Modeling and Model Quality Assessment” to continue the work on system identification, with an emphasis on user-friendly methods. Major efforts are being made to disseminate the results: a doctoral program is organized and researchers from all over the world are invited. This allows these researchers to access information in their data that was unreachable before, and it offers ELEC the necessary feedback for new research.

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