Measurements for small wind turbines

Publication date 19.09.2011

Wind power is one of the most important sustainable energy sources in Flanders.

Nevertheless, only about ten per cent of available wind power is used, captured mainly by large wind turbines located offshore. Micro wind turbines (<3 kW) and small wind turbines (<100 kW) on land could complement large turbines to extract more energy from the air. These micro turbines are (much) smaller and therefore also cheaper, and they have less impact on the rural or urban landscape. Despite this, very few are in use today in Flanders. This is mainly due to the lack of reliable data on wind speed at low altitude and difficulties obtaining the necessary urban planning permission.

Many people and small companies are not even aware of the existence of small wind turbines.

The main goal of this IWT-Tetra project is to provide relevant and reliable information to support the promotion of wind power in Flanders. To do this, the project is creating a scientific assessment framework for small wind turbines. This framework combines wind measurements at low altitude with numerical simulations in a user-friendly calculation tool. This information can be used to optimize existing wind turbine installations or to improve them conceptually. The results will be made available to all stakeholders, from turbine manufacturers and installers, to energy consultants, utilities companies, policymakers, intermediary organizations and end-users (SME’s and individuals) on

The expertise of the six researchers of Erasmushogeschool Brussel involved and the broad representation of all the relevant target groups in the user committee will assure a validated calculation tool that raises awareness of small wind turbines in Flanders.

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