Monitoring of metal corrosion, self-healing coatings and Greencoat

Publication date 15.01.2014

Iris De Graeve is a member of the VUB’s Electrochemical and Surface Engineering (SURF) research group and part-time professor teaching at the VUB, ULB and UGent. SURF focuses on five cross-linked research domains: electrochemical engineering, electrochemical modeling, corrosion technology, surface engineering and in-situ and ex-situ surface characterization. Iris’ research deals with metals and surface engineering and functional properties creation: corrosion protection, appearance, shape-memory biometals... She was and is coordinator of research projects funded by the IWT (O&O, SBO-SIM), FWO, Hercules, EU … and industry. Her recent project ‘Self-Healing Coatings in Architecture’ (SHARC), dedicated to architecture and renovation in Brussels, is part of the INNOVIRIS strategic research platform Brussels Retrofit XL.

SURF is recognized as an IOF knowledge center with a strong track record in knowledge transfer. Its modeling algorithms for electrochemical systems were brought to the market through its spin-off Elsyca. GREENCOAT - a new concept for depositing protective layers on metals using less ecologically demanding methods - was developed through the INNOVIRIS Environment Impulse Program and is offered to industry through the knowledge center ‘CAPCOAT’.