QBIC fund is the first inter-university seed capital fund  in Brussels-Flanders. Its aim is to finance technological spin-offs of three university associations – Brussels University Association, Ghent University Association, and the Association Antwerp University and Colleges. The QBIC Fund came into operation in June 2012. It is the successor of the BI3-Fund of the VUB and the Baekeland II-Fund of UGent. The two universities pooled the expertise of their respective tech transfer offices to improve the success rate of high risk company creation, through economies of scale and the professionalization of the Fund management. By creating a strong  alliance between both universities, we succeeded to achieve more than doubling the capital, resulting in a €30 million fund at first closing, possibly even increasing after the second closing.
More information? Please visit qbic.be or contact VUB’s board representative in QBIC Fund, Prof. Jan Cornelis or Technology Transfer Interface.