Quality assurance of talent development systems in sport

Publication date 15.01.2014

The battle for talented players in international football is big business. The development of home-grown players is one of the critical success factors for a fair and balanced competition, successful national teams and attractive leagues. In this way, quality assurance of talent development systems is essential for clubs, federations and leagues. As an independent standard organization, Double PASS has introduced its Foot PASS system in several countries and works together with national sports bodies to develop more and better players.

As a professional sportsman, David Pauwels is conducting research on the development of an international standard for talent development systems in professional football. This ‘International Foot PASS Scan’ will be used for the effective certification and benchmarking of elite academies. Pilots are being conducted in Real Betis (Spain) and F.C. Kopenhagen (Denmark). David works at the VUB’s Sports Policy and Management Department (SBMA) and is involved in Foot PASS projects in Belgium and Hungary. This industrial PhD is financed by Doctiris (Innoviris) to enhance the cooperation between the academic and industrial sector in the district of Brussels. The valorization of this model has to create added value for the business of Double PASS in auditing and consultancy. Double PASS is the brainchild of the VUB’s Sports Policy and Management Department and will celebrate its 10th anniversary as a VUB spin-off in November 2014.