Signal processing and machine learning in e-health and medical imaging

Publication date 15.01.2014

The VUB’s Department of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO) and iMinds have a mission to make sense of visionary electronics & computer engineering. Research on new devices and sensors, image and multi-dimensional signal representations, protection, transmission, analysis, processing and visualization is applied in various sectors such as medical imaging, media systems, audio visual signal processing, industrial signal processing, remote sensing ... ETRO covers visionary demand-driven as well as in-depth fundamental research, relevant for most components in ICT systems so that it is in a position to deliver unique solutions and new concepts, leveraging cross-boundary expertise in micro-electronics & photonics, HW-SW co-design and networks & systems.

Given his background in computer science, the research of Bart Jansen at the Multidimensional Signal Processing & Communication research group (IRIS) of ETRO focuses on signal processing and machine learning, applied to e-health and medical imaging problems. This research aims to improve the quality of care, as well as its accessibility and timely delivery. Examples include gait monitoring of the elderly and computer games to support the physiotherapy of children suffering from cerebral palsy. The strategic research platforms established by Innoviris are an important funding source for these highly interdisciplinary research projects merging fundamental and applied research.