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Publication date 19.09.2011

User-friendly R&D projects at the Software Languages Lab

The research mission of the Software Languages Lab is to conceive and improve languages that support the software engineering life cycle.

This includes new programming languages, middleware languages, domain specific languages, design languages, and modeling languages.

The overall goal is to improve their power and quality together with the tools to support them. More powerful languages and language tools provide software engineers with better ways to deliver software that is fast, bug free and maintainable.

The Software Languages Lab comprises three professors (Theo D’Hondt, Viviane Jonckers and Wolfgang De Meuter) and around 36 researchers. The lab is funded by primary research projects as well as by more application-oriented R&D projects. Three noteworthy R&D projects are DIYSE (“Do-it-yourself Smart Experiences”), ExaScience and Varibru.

DIYSE is a Flemish ITEA-project conducted in partnership with Alcatel-Bell Lucent, Philips Upmarket Flat Displays and Geosparc. The goal is to provide non-professionals with tools to create and control applications for the Internet-of- Things. The ExaScience project is conducted with IMEC and the Intel Corporation and its goal is to develop software languages for programming future exascale systems (systems that consist of up to 1 million cores running 1 billion processes).

Lastly, the goal of Varibru, a project involving academic institutions and Sirris (Collective Center of the Belgian Technology Industry) funded by the Brussels Region (IWOIB), is to create a center of excellence to support variability for software-intensive product development.

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