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Publication date 28.07.2011

Medico-Administrative Software 

In recognition of the fact that information technology is transforming medical organizations, UZ Brussel developed a software tool to process medical and administrative patient data.
A decision-making engine maintaining the business rules of the healthcare environment is implemented and used in two distinct but interrelated areas.

On the medical side, efforts have been made to use the expert system to detect adverse drug events (ADEs) and nosocomial infections (hospital infections) in patients and report them in the electronic health record.

The second application domain of the knowledge server relates to the billing procedure. The billing procedure is based on the Belgian social legislation system and is constantly being modified because of many legislation changes. Legislation rules are implemented and consequently trigger the appropriate billing rules, using forward and backward inference mechanisms. In terms of volume and performance the billing expert system actually generates about 470.000 patient bills a year. This medico-administrative software is created especially for maximum integration with an in-house developed clinical workstation used in our complex medical environment.  The output of the expert system feeds the data warehouse system that provides the necessary information and simulation on performance and medical outcome for various medical services.

IHC License

This software application was exclusively licensed to IHC (a spin-off of INFOHOS, a coordinating organization of 20 Flemish hospitals). Within the framework of this agreement, IHC commercializes, installs and maintains medico-administrative software in the member hospitals.

The license agreement says that the Vrije Universiteit Brussel remains the owner of the software and new developments to the software that are made by the VUB. Complements to the software for integration with other software packages, made by IHC, will be owned by IHC.

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