Collibra, valorizing research on semantics

Publication date 19.09.2011


Collibra is an enterprise software company, founded in August 2008 as a spin-off from the Laboratory for Semantic Technology and Applications Research (STARLab) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 

The company is valorizing ten years of experience in application oriented research on semantic technology.

It was founded by Felix Van de Maele, Stijn Christiaens, Pieter de Leenheer and Damien Trog.

Collibra is backed by academic and industry veterans :

  • Prof. Robert Meersman is a member of the advisory board
  • and Tony Mary is chairman of the board of directors.


Collibra closed its seed-round investment of € 850.000 from the Brussels I3 Fund, Brustart (both venture capital funds) and business angels. A number of customers have already committed to a (pilot) project and several other projects are in the pipeline.


It breaks down traditional data silos and opens up organizational data so all users can find the data they need, collaborate on it, and easily understand its meaning. Most of all, Collibra enables all data citizens to trust the data. Trust in the data is what unlocks its full potential to drive competitive advantage.

Collibra gave data leaders everywhere a solution for building a holistic data ecosystem of software, processes, people, and information so they can provide data that works for everyone. They believe that making all the organizational data transparent, understandable, usable, and trustworthy for every data citizen just makes sense.

Oorlogskruisenlaan 116
1120 Brussels – BELGIUM
[T] +32 2 894 79 60
[F] +32 2 706 56 76

Vrije Universiteit Brussel - STARLab
Head: Robert MEERSMAN
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