Double PASS, talent development in sports

Publication date 29.07.2013

Quality Assurance of Talent Development Systems in Sports

Double PASS BVBA originated from the VUB's  Sports Management Department and is the brainchild of founding members Jo Van Hoecke, Hugo Schoukens and Robbie De Sutter.  Their complementary skills form the basis of a solid management team.

Professor Jo Van Hoecke, PhD from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, is currently teaching Sports Management at the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy. Hugo Schoukens received his MBA in Sports Management from the University of Leicester, UK, and is an ex-banker. Robbie De Sutter, PhD, is a computer scientist and developed the PASS software.

Focus on youth development
Several national sport federations and professional leagues use the Professional Academy Support System (PASS), a unique system for effective measurement and quality assurance in sports. The focus is on the talent development system of sport clubs. By monitoring critical success factors (CSFs) in youth development programs, Double PASS helps sporting bodies to develop better players and state-of-the-art academy systems resulting in sustainable competitive advantage.

Foot PASS as core product
In the German Bundesliga, the independent auditing and certification of academies in professional clubs is considered a key element in their further development and German football as a whole. Foot PASS has been used in Germany for more than six years and has increased the development potential of clubs there. In England, the Premier League and the Football League have appointed Double PASS to undertake the independent auditing of the academies of all the professional clubs. Something that has been followed by the Hungarian Football Federation in 2013. In Belgium and Finland, PASS is also used to advise amateur clubs on organizing their youth academies. Based on the PASS model, an international survey was recently conducted for the European Club Association (ECA) resulting in the most comprehensive analysis ever attempted of youth development in football across Europe.

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