InSilico Genomics as result of SOIB program

Publicaton date  04.03.2013

InSilico Genomics S.A. was founded in July 2012 by David Weiss and Alain Coletta.
This spin-off initiative grew in the framework of the Impulse Program of Innoviris and the SOIB program in which the VUB research group COMO (Prof. Ann Nowe) and the IRIDIA research group of ULB (Prof. Hughes Bersini) were involved.
The main goal of the project at the start was discovering genetic markers of cancer agressivity and radiosensitivity in order to develop personalized prognostic tests.
The comment was made that:

  • The cost of sequencing, processing and analysis of genomes decreased significantly in the past 10 years and consequently resulted in a hyperbolic introduction of this technology in research and hospital
  • The absolute necessity of data to make sense of this huge amount of data and to manage it, causing the medicine to be more and more driven by IT and web-based solutions
  • The challenges regarding the management of these data, prompting organizations to outsource their genome research.

Therefore, InSilico offers the following services:

  • Genome data storage
  • Data processing
  • Data management (annotate, share, compare ...)
  • Data Analysis

These services are offered through a web platform called InSilico DB.
The customers of InSilico Genomics are research institutions such as pharmaceutical companies and academic centers and clinicians (hospitals, ...).