New green biotech company AgroSavfe

Publication date 15.01.2013

Thanks to a number of Flemish investors, AgroSavfe - a new green biotech company - arose from and can continue to build on the research activities of Peter Verheesen’s team at the VUB.

This team was earlier associated to the Structural Biology Brussels lab of Jan Steyaert, which is a part of the VIB (Flemish Institute for Biotechnology). The VUB team found a generic methodology to drastically reduce the use of pesticides and apply them much more effectively and specifically. In some cases, the use of pesticides could be limited in fairly drastic ways. Hence, the hope prevails that this company could become a new hit just like Ablynx, another VUB spin-off based on that same basic technology (anti-body fragments of camel antibodies).

AgroSavfe was co-founded by the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) and several investors:

Gimv invests in Agrosavfe through the Gimv-Agri + Investment Fund, a joint initiative with the Boerenbond.  Entrepreneur Rudi Mariën - he also invested in DevGen – participates in the financing round of AgroSavfe. Biotechfonds Vlaanderen and PMV are some of the other renowned names alongside other participants.

This is also the first investment dossier of Qbic Fund, the interuniversity seed capital fund, which invests in spin-offs of the universities VUB, UGent and UA. AgroSavfe employs 9 people under the leadership of CEO Marnix Peferoen (ex-CropDesign and ex-Bayer Crop Science, Plant Genetic Systems).

Download  the AgroSavfe spin-off brochure.