Optrima merge with SoftKinetic

Publication date 01.08.2011

SoftKinetic®  The interface is You™

SoftKinetic, a Belgium-based company, is the leading provider of end-to-end natural gesture recognition solutions. These include 3D CMOS Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors and cameras (DepthSense®), natural gesture recognition middleware (iisu®), and games and applications from SoftKinetic Studios. SoftKinetic wants to give everyone the freedom to control, explore and enjoy the entire digital world through the most natural and intuitive user interfaces and machine interactions.  The company partners with leading semiconductor companies, platform manufacturers, service providers, application developers, and research institutes to revolutionize the end-user experience in the professional and consumer electronics markets including PCs, laptops and Smart TVs.

SoftKinetic was created by a merger between SoftKinetic and Optrima in 2011 after years of research and innovation. SoftKinetic SA was founded in July 2007 following five years of R&D by an expert team of mathematicians, 3D imaging specialists, software engineers and game enthusiasts. Their objective was to revolutionize the way people interact with digital content and interfaces. Optrima NV was founded in May 2009 following seven years of university research within the the Laboratory for Micro- & Photonelectronics (LAMI) of the Department Electronics and Informatics (ETRO) of the VUB, by a team of physicists, analog and digital designers, and image processing specialists. The team designed and developed 3D ToF sensors and cameras, allowing 3D gesture interfaces to be built.

In September 2010, Optrima NV and SoftKinetic SA announced a strategic joint venture to offer the most complete 3D depth-sensing imaging and gesture recognition solution on the market. These businesses merged into SoftKinetic in February 2011 and moved into state-of-the-art facilities in Brussels. Since then, SoftKinetic has enjoyed significant success, growing steadily and building relationships with some of the most innovative brands in the digital world. With increased year-on-year sales, SoftKinetic is truly an entrepreneurial success story.