SpartaNova, joint VUB/UGent spin-off

Publication date 24.01.2012

Performance and injury prevention in sports.

SpartaNova is a joint VUB/UGent spin-off, incorporated in July 2010, whose mission is to provide professional, science-based guidance to sports practitioners of all levels, with the aim of improving their performance and reducing the risk of injuries.

The SpartaNova project originated at UGent, and was further incubated through close collaboration with Dr. Roel Vaeyens, an IOF-funded business developer. The team was later joined by the VUB research team of Prof. Romain Meeusen, an internationally recognized authority in sports physiology and injury prevention.

SpartaNova offers a web platform for physiotherapists, trainers and coaches to mediate the rollout towards the sports practitioner. In practice, the athlete is tested several times a year by his or her SpartaNova certified supervisor, who enters the results in the SpartaNova software. Through standardized tests, evaluations and benchmarks, the athlete receives a personalized training program to improve his or her performance and reduce the incidence of injury. The system will also warn the athlete in the case of over- or undertraining. A SpartaNova online journal provides professional sports guidance accessible for all.

In the coming years, SpartaNova intends to add value by growing along three axes:

  • Number of sports disciplines: Increasing from a ‘core’ of football and cycling to include other sports (tennis, running, hockey etc.)
  • Geographically: Rollout in Belgium from 2011 onwards, moving to the Netherlands in 2012, and later to Germany, France and the UK.
  • Product scope: Progressing towards a total concept of assistance to sports practitioners, including nutritional and psychological advice.

SpartaNova NV
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