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€3m for new cancer offensive

  • February 26, 2020

A consortium of the VUB and three Flemish companies has a budget of 3 million euros to test a new immunotherapy on patients with colon cancer. (Ex-) professor Kris Thielemans (VUB) is the scientific leader of the project. The goal is to fine-tune a type of personalized vaccine, which causes the immune system to wake up after injection and to tackle the tumor.

Kris Thielemans has a great career at the university in the field of cancer research: in 2013 he founded the spin-off eTheRNA with his colleague Bart Neyns. Two years later they received €24m capital for the development of the immunotherapy.

"We develop a specific treatment or vaccine for every patient."

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Picture by Saskia Vanderstichele.