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Molecular imaging to tackle oncological, cardiovascular and immunological diseases

ABSCINT is a clinical stage molecular imaging company that develops diagnostics based on single domain antibodies. Single domain antibodies are unique molecules that were originally discovered at VUB and have been the basis of a number of successful biotech companies. ABSCINT focuses on the development of radiolabeled single domain antibodies for whole body molecular imaging applications. Molecular imaging is used for the diagnosis of disease, for treatment selection, and monitoring treatment response based on specific molecular markers that can be visualised over the entire body by a short scan. The company has two clinical stage products: one in oncology and one in cardiovascular disease.

The VIB-VUB spin-off is based on technology developed by the joint research efforts of the teams of Prof. Dr. Tony Lahoutte and Prof. Dr.  Jo Van Ginderachter at VUB and VIB in Brussels.

ABSCINT has set up its operations in Liège, Belgium and appointed Karine Clauwaert as CEO together with Tony Lahoutte as Medical Director. The management team holds strong industry experience and expertise in the production of single domain antibodies, radiopharmaceuticals, and clinical translation of radiolabelled molecules. 



Abscint NV
Broustinlaan 67
1083 Brussels