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Blue Planet Academy & Consulting (BPAC) is the result of more than 20 years of dedicated research in the field of sustainable and alternative energy in the VUB department of Applied Mechanics.
On the one hand, the BPAC expert team aims at investigating and managing energy fluxes. On the other hand, BPAC incorporates this expertise in the application-oriented courses about rational energy use in general and the energy performance certificate (EPB/EPC) more specifically.



  • 2011: Start-up Blue Planet Academy & Consulting
  • 2012: Largest training center for energy experts in Brussels
  • 2012: Allocation of Central Exam Energy Expert (VI)
  • 2012: Allocation Design of training Tertiary Certifier (Brussels)
  • 2013: More than 1400 trained energy experts for Brussels
  • 2013: Opening branche India.


Blue Planet Academy & Consulting bvba
Frank Delattin, CEO

Witte Patersstraat 4
B-1040 Etterbeek

[T] +32 2 740 43 71