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Quality Assurance of Talent Development Systems in Sports

Double pass BVBA originated in 2004 from the VUB’s Sports Management Department and is the brainchild of founding members Jo Van Hoecke, Hugo Schoukens and Robbie De Sutter. Their complementary skills form the basis of a solid management team. Professor Jo Van Hoecke, PhD from the VUB, is currently teaching Sports Management at the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy. Hugo Schoukens received his MBA in Sports Management from the University of Leicester, UK and is an ex-banker. Robbie De Sutter, PhD, is a computer scientist and developed the PASS software. With their international team of sports professionals it's their mission to inspire, stimulate and support federations, leagues and clubs to optimize their talent development system.

Double pass quickly became the international reference for talent development in sports and football in particular. Today they employ around 60 people, active all over the world.  They help clubs, federations and leagues on optimising their youth academies and ultimately their player potential.



  • 2005: Start Foot PASS Deutschland (1. and 2. Bundesliga)
  • 2008: 1st certification of Bundesliga clubs
  • 2008: Authorized audit company for the Flemish government
  • 2010: Agreement with Flemish Football Federation
  • 2011: Start Foot PASS England (Premier League and Football League)
  • 2012: ECA Youth Survey (European Club Association)
  • 2013: Start Foot PASS Hungary (Hungarian Football Federation)
double pass


double pass BVBA
Hugo Schoukens, CEO

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B-1040 Brussel

[T] +32 2 521 63 66