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Low power Equalizers and Transceivers for high speed communication

EqcoLogic is a technology leader in high speed data transmission over copper cables. Using patented technology, they make Equalizers that permit longer cables or higher data rates and Transceivers that transmit bidirectional data and power over conventional coaxial cables. The spin-off was created in 2005 and originates from the Laboratory for Micro & Photon Electronics (LAMI), part of the Department of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Crucial to the commercialized technology are the 'Electrical High-Speed Interconnects by Smart Equalization’ Technology (‘Equalizers’), the brainchild of Prof. Maarten Kuijk.



2007: Equalizer products development for high-speed data communication
2009: Coax Transceivers added for 2-way communication over coax cables. Led “CoaXPress” standardization for high-end industrial imaging

2009: CoaxPress consortium wins VISION award for most innovative development in imaging
2011: CoaxPress officially becomes a new world standard
2013: Microchip Technology Inc acquires EqcoLogic



In 2013 EcqoLogic has been sold to Microchip Technology Inc.