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Education program helps kids with chronic pain

  • February 19, 2020

Research by Prof. Kelly Ickmans and Roselien Pas shows that pain education works successfully with children who suffer from chronic pain. Thanks to PNE4Kids, a Pain Neuroscience Education program, kids are less sensitive to pain, are less inhibited in their daily activities and experience less fear of pain.

One fifth of Belgians suffer from chronic pain complaints for which no clear cause can be found. Previous scientific research by the VUB Pain in Motion research group led by Prof. Jo Nijs has already shown that adult patients experience less pain when they understand what pain is and how it originates.

Children who received pain education were less sensitive to pain in the weeks following the experiment. Moreover, this also had an impact on the parents of these children. They worry less about the pain complaints of their child.
Read more here. You can download the paper about PNE4Kids here.