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Powered by Electrochemical Intelligence

Elsyca, established in 1997 as a pin-off of VUB's Computational Electrochemistry Group and the von Karman Institute for Fluid Mechanics, focuses upon pushing the frontiers of electrochemical process performance. With a unique combination of a powerful software technology and domain-specific engineering skills, Elsyca is capable of designing, modelling, simulating and optimizing the complete range of electrochemical processes.
As expert in electrochemical processes, Elsyca optimizes electroplating, -forming, -polishing, anodize and electrochemical machining applications.Where legacy trial-and-error approaches waste valuable time and money, Elsyca’s simulation technology helps customers to troubleshoot and optimize processes.In automotive, we help OEMs to design the vehicles for an optimal primer coat and we support suppliers in the decorative chrome plating of automotive trim components. In aerospace, we assist engine manufacturers in the platinum coating of turbine blades, and we optimize plating processes for safety-critical components such as landing gear assemblies. Other industries such as medical, oil & gas, consumer products, etc. all have their applications where products are coated either for decorative or for functional purposes, and where Elsyca’s expertise is welcomed to improve our client’s products.



Jean-Marc Dewilde, Managing Director

Vaartdijk 3/603
B-3018 Wijgmaal (Leuven)

[T] +32 16 47 49 60