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eTheRNA NV is a spin-off company of the VUB established under the leadership of Prof. Kris Thielemans, head of the VUB Laboratory for Molecular and Cellular Therapy (LMCT) that focuses on the development of mRNA immunotherapies. VUB granted eTheRNA the worldwide exclusive license rights for the TriMix technology.
TriMix can be used to prevent and treat cancer, infectious diseases, immune diseases and allergies. The TriMix technology is suitable for both ex vivo and in vivo applications, which represents its most distinguishing characteristic.  eTheRNA has secured the financial resources required to initiate the clinical validation of the in vivo off-the-shelf TriMix product, to continue the development of the ex vivo TriMix product and to optimize its existing mRNA manufacturing activities. eTheRNA has established a preferential research collaboration with the VUB, in particular with the LMCT team of Prof. Kris Thielemans and with the UZ-VUB team of Prof. Bart Neyns, as well as other departments within the UZ-VUB.



  • 2014: exclusive license from the VUB on the TriMix technology
  • 2016: Closing of Series A financing - eTheRNA secures €24 mio to develop mRNA based immunotherapies
  • 2017: relocation to Niel, near Antwerp
  • 2018: inauguration of a cGMP-compliant mRNA manufacturing laboratory
  • 2019: eTheRNA opens new research base in Ghent
  • 2022: mRNA leading expert Kenneth Chien and Novalis LifeSciences’ Marijn Dekkers investing in EUR 39M Series B2 financing
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eTheRNA immunotherapies NV
Bernard sagaert, interim-CEO

Galileilaan 19
B-2845 Niel

[T] +32 3 369 17 40