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eTheRNA recruited first patient for mRNA immunotherapy

  • February 12, 2019

VUB spin-off eTheRNA announces the recruitment of the first patient for a collaborative TriMix-BRE study to investigate the effect of the TriMix product as neo-adjuvant treatment (treatment before planned surgery) for breast cancer patients. The study will deliver mRNA via intratumoral injection in patients with non-metastatic breast cancer before planned surgery and will recruit patients with resectable breast cancer irrespective of subtype of breast cancer.

eTheRNA is a clinical-stage company working delivering innovative cancer immunotherapies from its proprietary mRNA-based TriMix platform. It was established in 2013 under the leadership of Prof. Kris Thielemans, head of the VUB Laboratory for Molecular and Cellular Therapy (LMCT) that is focusing on the development of mRNA immunotherapies.

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