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Flanders leading in photonics innovation

  • July 1, 2020

Photonics in Flanders: innovating at the speed of light

Photonics is directly or indirectly tied to 10% of the entire European economy – and that percentage will only increase. It’s no wonder that Europe has defined photonics as a key enabling technology and is investing heavily in its further development. Photonics is a science and technology that makes use of the unique properties of light. In the same way electronic circuits harness electrons, photonics uses light particles, also known as photons.

Although photonics technology is used in a vast number of industrial applications, the field is often still considered purely academic. However, Flanders’ research institutes want to change that perception. That’s why they have been working together with companies and government institutions like Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship since 1997 to develop new products and applications for photonics.

B-PHOT, the photonics research team at the VUB, is  one of the leading institutions in Flanders that focus on photonics.

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