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Are you a researcher, postdoc, doctoral or master student at VUB?
Or young professional from outside the university?
Interested in learning some more on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and business?

VUB TechTransfer organizes two evening courses. The Starter Seminars provide a short but intensive introduction. The Advanced Starter Seminars are a follow-up course on business aspects and starting up a company. A variety of topics is covered such as developing a business plan, finance, marketing, the complex issues surrounding patenting,... .

Students of this program will acquire the vocabulary and mindset needed to think intelligently about their potential venture and thus interact more efficiently with tech transfer offices, investors and other partners.

Not sure yet?

During the Launch Event you can discover more about the content and program of the seminars and listen to testimonials of VUB entrepreneurs. Afterwards you can still decide to subscribe.

Program & registration of the (Advanced) Starter Seminars 2020-2021 will be available in September.
Send us an email and we will keep you informed in due time.

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Technology entrepreneurship within the VUB educational program

Economic growth is increasingly depending on the ability to innovate in all areas of society and economy. VUB tries to close the gap between engineers and (human) scientists on the one hand and the business aspects of starting up and managing a company on the other hand. Therefore VUB offers entrepreneurial education for non-economists within its curriculum.

More info on VUB programmes for non-economists here.

For organizational issues contact:

Alena Aga
Communication & Events Coordinator

For content issues contact:

Marc Goldchstein
Entrepreneurship Education

Interesting to know

  • Entrepreneurs from VUB spin-offs share their start-up experience with you. Some of them participated at the starter seminars in the past.
  • The seminars are open to researchers and students of all faculties and young professionals from outside the university.
  • VUB PhD can participate for free and gain credits.
  • Participants who regularly attend the seminars, receive a Certificate of Participation.