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How to start a spin-off

Eager to bring your innovative ideas to the market?

You are passionate about your applied research, you have an entrepreneurial mind and you are thinking of starting a spin-off.

VUB TechTransfer is here to support you on this journey, so that you and your team effectively can make it happen: write the business plan, get the funding, run the business...

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Spin-offs are start-up companies originating from the university or university college. They can originate from all faculties. In order to speak of a spin-off company, there has to be a transfer of knowledge and/or technology and/or intellectual property rights (IP) developed within the university or university college, through a license agreement or share capital participation. In short, a university spin-off company translates research results in commercial products and/or services to create impact on society.

Setting up a spin-off is an iterative process, during which one has to constantly (re-)evaluate earlier decisions based on new information. Nevertheless, some fundamental steps have to be taken and intermediary milestones reached as depicted in the figure below.

spin-off timeline

VUB TechTransfer plays a crucial role in identifying, developing and evaluating spin-off projects. A multidisciplinary team of experts guides you in every aspect of transforming your innovative ideas and technologies into a new and promising company. To maximise the survival of a start-up, a lot of attention is paid to other factors than the innovative technology, such as market strategy, value proposition and a complementary team. We have supported the creation of more than 50 spin-offs since the '90s of which 43 are active today!

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