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Consequences and impact of the COVID-19 measures on the implementation of your strategic & applied research project

Current circumstances and measures taken to combat COVID-19 can make the timely and correct implementation of your current research project more difficult or even temporarily impossible.
In the event that you are temporarily unable to correctly carry out your project activities and cannot rearrange them in the remaining agreed term of the project, it is recommended to contact the funding agency or contract partner to make arrangements about further implementation of the project (as soon as you have a clear view of it) and, if necessary, request an extension of the project term. These agreements must be recorded in writing (agreement of the person who is authorized to decide on this, if necessary drawing up an addendum for extension).

IMPORTANT: If the funding agency is a subsidizing government (VLAIO, Innoviris, EU,…) we would like to ask you to follow up the updates on possible extended deadlines carefully through their websites and newsletters and inform your TechTransfer program manager about any new arrangements or ask for support in negotiating (practical) arrangements in the projects. Our TechTransfer website and TechTransfer News will regularly inform you of updates.

Please note: an extension of the execution of the current research project does not entitle to additional funding, unless the funding agency or partner explicitly agrees. Invoking a situation of “force majeure” (inability to meet your commitments beyond your control) does not entitle you to additional funding and should be assessed together with the terms of the relevant contract. If you have any doubts about the interpretation of contractual provisions or have legal questions regarding the concept of “force majeure”, you can always contact
The program managers and legal advisors of VUB Tech Transfer will assist you as much as possible at your request to deal in a correct contractual manner with the consequences of this difficult situation.



Contract Research

Every collaboration must be formalised in an agreement in order to confine legal risks. The legal unit of VUB TechTransfer provides legal assistance to the VUB research community in all sorts of tech transfer issues, draws up contracts and answers questions regarding contracts. When negotiating a collaboration agreement, you should inform and consult them in time. All contracts must be signed rector after legal review. The Contract Management employees assist with the administrative follow-up of contracts, funding applications and ID datasheets.

The figure below gives an overview of the process flow of a contract.




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