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Get to know Hugo Loosvelt

  • February 15, 2023

Get to know Hugo Loosvelt

Allow us to introduce Hugo, the IP, licensing, and spin-off manager at VUB TechTransfer. Hugo's expertise in intellectual property rights and licensing makes him a key contributor to our team's success. To help you get to know our team better, we have asked Hugo to share his story with you.

What is your role at VUB TechTransfer?

Intellectual property rights, licensing and spin-off management

What are your main responsibilities in this role?

I manage the VUB patent portfolio, advise on the protection of research results using intellectual property rights, and supervise valorization paths of these research results through the establishment of spin-offs and negotiation of license agreements. I also coordinate the spin-off team within VUB Tech transfer.

How long have you been with VUB TechTransfer?

Since January 2006

How have you seen TechTransfer evolve in recent years and how do you look back on it?

TechTransfer has grown and matured a lot and has been embedded in the vice-rectorate Innovation and Industry Relations. This is unique in Flanders and shows the strong support and vision of VUB to support companies to collaborate with our research teams or to further develop the fruits of our research into commercial products and services.

What is the project you are most proud of at TechTransfer?

It would not be fair to name a specific project but it is very satisfying to see how our spin-off companies are developing, in often challenging circumstances. It is incredibly gratifying to see that the VUB patents and patent applications, which I have initiated and followed up on, continue to play a crucial role in protecting the value that these companies are generating for both our economy and society. Patents and intellectual property rights in general are essential at a research institute like our university to protect our research results and incentivize investments in the further development of innovative products, while safeguarding publishing about our research. Patent first, publish later.

What is an ideal day off for you? 

Start the day with a nice breakfast after a good night’s sleep, enjoy quality time with my family, and take my bike out for a ride or play a padel game with friends. On a nice summer day enjoying a barbecue and a cold beer, especially somewhere in the mountains. 

Last but not least, we have to know, what is your favourite invention of all time?