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Get to know Qing Cai

  • January 17, 2023

Get to know Qing Cai

Meet Qing, our Business Developer at VUB TechTransfer. She specializes in helping researchers turn their applied research into products or services, specifically in the Brussels area. To get to know our team better, Qing is sharing her story today.

What is your role at VUB TechTransfer?

I am Business Developer for Brussels projects at VUB TechTransfer. 

What are your main responsibilities in this role?

I support researchers in translating their applied research into products or services. This process is also known as TechTransfer. The overall goal is to help researchers create a positive impact on society with innovations developed at VUB. I give advice and guidance about the different TechTransfer options (collaborations, service agreements, spin-offs, licensing). I help them with identifying interesting funding opportunities, finding suitable partners or partnerships, negotiating contracts, … My main focus is Innoviris, a Brussels governmental funding agency, that launches several calls a year for applied research in collaboration with stakeholders in Brussels. The idea is to support our researchers in such a way that they only need to focus on their applied research.

How long have you been with VUB TechTransfer?

I have been working at VUB TechTransfer since June 2018.

How have you seen TechTransfer evolve in recent years and how do you look back on it?

I notice that there is a mind shift amongst researchers concerning TechTransfer which I can only encourage. The new generation of researchers is more open towards TechTransfer and is more aware of the possibilities of doing applied research.

What is the project you are most proud of at TechTransfer?

Over the past five years at VUB TechTransfer, I have been involved in the preparation of many projects. I am proudest of projects where I could make a difference.

What is an ideal day off for you? 

I think you can have many different types of ideal days off. To save space, I will only describe one. Important for my ideal day off is to have a sunny day which I would start with a delicious noodle soup and some other savoury delicacies. Then I would go for a city walk (some sightseeing combined with window shopping). During the city walk a coffee break with a nice view or an interesting magazine to read would be great. At noon, I would like to have my taste buds challenged with a fancy lunch (preferably different courses and at least two dessert courses). After lunch, I would be in for an exciting escape room. Eventually, I would end my ideal day off with tapas, cocktails and some good dancing vibes. 

Last but not least, we have to know, what is your favourite invention of all time?

Since I was a little kid my bicycle has been my most faithful companion. It would bring me wherever I wanted to go. Hence, a bicycle for me equals freedom equals independence equals favourite invention. 

Qing Cai
Business Developer Brussels projects