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UGent/VUB spin-off Gulliver Biomed was founded in 2018. Their aim is to foster nanobody research in general and bring these powerful tools to the scientific community and private industry at large.

Nanobodies afford many opportunies to the research community. They can reduce inherent problems of reproducibility experienced with conventional antibodies because their cDNAs are obtained following phage panning and they are 10 times smaller compared to regular antibodies. Gulliver Biomed can provide these sophisticated biomaterials for biochemical, biophysical, pharmaceutical, cell biological, (medical) imaging research needs. Camelid nanobodies were discovered at the VUB at the end of the 80s. The technological expertise at Gulliver Biomed is based on research in the UGent Nanobody Lab of prof. dr. Jan Gettemans.

Gulliver Biomed2
Gulliver Biomed


Gulliver Biomed BVBA
I.I.C. Technology park 3

B-9052 Ghent-Zwijnaarde

[T] +32 9 264 93 40