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How to get started?

Spin-off Idea Notification Form

This form will serve as written proof of your spin-off idea and as such fulfils the first step towards establishing the spin-off. Please be as complete and detailed as possible when filling in this document.
All information in this form will be treated confidentially.
Personal data will be handled in accordance with the applicable.
It is very important that you take enough time and think carefully before completing these questions. This notification form is considered to be much more than a one-off administrative requirement for a spin-off process: it is an essential and necessary means to develop a viable and successful strategy.


Fill in the Spin-off Idea Notification Form here

Contact VUB TechTransfer

If you have some specific questions you can contact us. We are a multidisciplinary team of skilled professionals in legal, IP, marketing, business management and other matters, who will guide and support you at every step.

Intellectual Property

Hugo Loosvelt
IP & Licensing Manager
+32 2 614 88 04

Business development

Jacky Boonen
Spin-off Manager
+32 2 614 88 11


Marie Gruber
Spin-Off Coach
+32 2 614 88 35

Legal support

Kristel Mommaerts
Legal Counsel (spin-offs & innovation contracts)
+32 2 614 88 07

General questions

VUB TechTransfer
+32 2 614 22 07