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Valorisation in Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts

Our VUB researchers from the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts have an excellent track record and are often sought after by companies, governments and non-profit organisations.
Did you know that our social and human scientists are often hired to give in-company workshops or lectures? As experts in their domain, our researchers are well-placed to give contract education.
Governments often engage our researchers to do contract research in order to prepare and evaluate their policies, the same can be done for organisations and companies.
Another possibility for cooperation are research projects. Companies, organisations or governments are often partners or members of user committee’s in collaborative research and there are several funding opportunities for these kind of collaborations.

  • Is your organisation interested in a research collaboration on your field?
  • Can research help your company go that one step further?
  • Have you ever thought of basing your new policy or management plans on the latest scientific research?
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Jessica Hekking
Valorisation Advisor Human & Social Sciences