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Innovative toolbox to measure metal pollution at Belgian coast

  • March 3, 2021

Camille Gaulier, joint-PhD from the AMGC Research Department at VUB and the University of Lille is the winner of the VLIZ North Sea Award 2020. VLIZ is the Flanders Marine Institute.  The VLIZ North Sea Award is its annual prize to encourage innovative fundamental or applied research to a researcher or research group active in a country by the North Sea. 

Camille Gaulier investigates new ways of monitoring metals around and at the Belgian coast. She focused on the development and use of alternative sampling techniques, combined with advanced  analytical tools. The goal of this innovative research is to better understand the biogeochemical cycle of trace metals in aquatic environments, such as in the Belgian part of the North Sea and in the Scheldt estuary. Her research contributes to the development of a toolbox to evaluate anthropogenic pressures such as trace metals on estuarine and coastal ecosystems. 

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