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IP Booster

  • April 1, 2020

VUB TechTransfer offers the opportunity to participate to IP Booster, a European Commission initiative, offering universities support to IP strategy services. Information about IP Booster can be found here.
We offer research teams access to:

  • IP Audit

What? A systematic review of intangible assets, providing a snapshot of the current IP position in terms of the amount and type of IP protection
Why? To serve as a starting point to exploit an IP portfolio and a commercialisation strategy.

  • Patent Landscaping

What? A detailed review of the competitive IP (including technology trends and players) relative to the research group’s specific area of interest
Why? To identify key players, white space for future IP filing, the university’s competitive position, licensing opportunites, commercial partnerships,…

The next deadline for applications has not yet been fixed, but is expected to be around the beginning of September 2020. Once communicated by the European Commission, it will be published on the website, however applications can already be submitted.

VUB can apply multiple times, however the support that can be allocated to VUB must not exceed the equivalent of €25 000 total. Each of the service types provided has a value of about € 5000-6000 allowing each applicant at least 4 applications. First come, first served.
If you are interested to submit an application for an IP audit of patent landscaping, please contact Hugo Loosvelt (0474492751) to fill in an application form that needs to be submitted by VUB TechTransfer. After the deadline, the university is contacted within a few weeks for completion of the requested services.
Upon approval, IP landscapes/audits are outsourced by the European Commission to a consultancy firm which will be either ClearViewIP , UK, part of Deloitte or Meta Group, Italy.
A list of FAQ is available here.