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Embedded Electronics and ICT solutions for Smart Cities

Prof. Abdellah Touhafi of the VUB Industrial Engineering Sciences research group (INDI) developed extensive expertise in the area of acoustic sensor array. The research within INDI lead to the development of a "Simulator and VHDL based core for the creation of acoustic sensor array". This know-how will be used to develop services and products for smart sensor and smart actuator applications. Two main application domains related to environmental sensing and smart buildings are envisioned. This way Lumency wants to contribute to a healthy living environment and to the so-called ‘Nearly Zero Emission Buildings’, a European regulation concerning energy-efficient technologies.

LumencySmartLighting for green areas
LumencySmartControl in Officebuilding


2016: foundation of Lumency and exclusive license for VUB sensing technology




Lumency BVBA
Abdellah Touhafi, Managing Director

Dieudonné Lefevrestraat 17
1020 Laken