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The NEUR-o-AIMS consortium aims to improve the prediction of cognitive decline in neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular brain diseases through the development of novel biomarkers, that allow to improve the understanding of the underlying disease processes. In doing so, the NEUR-o-AIMS consortium aims at translating the results of these lines of fundamental research into better diagnostic tools, the identification of druggable targets and improved treatment options. 

The NEUR-o-AIMS consortium builds on the expertise of the NEUR and AIMS research groups. NEUR combines all clinical research within the Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry departments of the VUB University Hospital (Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel) and has interdisciplinary expertise in the development, validation, standardisation and harmonisation of imaging, neurophysiological and neurochemical biomarkers for several brain diseases, as well in clinical trials of brain diseases. The AIMS research group has extensive experience in the analysis and modelling of neurophysiological, neuochemical and imaging data and aims at exploiting recent advances in artificial intelligence to improve MR diagnostics. 

In order to reach its goals, the NEUR-o-AIMS consortium collaborates with several (inter)national academic research groups and academic consortia and several industrial partners. 


Figure: Translating the biology of cognitive decline through artificial intelligence supported modelling to improve diagnostics and therapeutics of brain disorders.


Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel
Dienst Neurologie
Laarbeeklaan 101
1090 Brussels

Head of departments

Prof. Sebastiaan Engelborghs 

Prof. Guy Nagels