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New VUB spin-off Axiles Bionics

In September 2019 VUB added a new spin-off to its portfolio, called Axiles Bionics. Later that month the company announced that it has successfully completed a €2.4M Series A financing round, led by its co-founders and several private investors, including VUB and ULB alumni. The spin-off develops an innovative smart robotic ankle-foot prosthesis for lower limb amputees. The proceeds will be used to advance the research, development, and clinical validation of Axiles Bionics’ next generation bionic foot.

Based on 12 years of Innoviris-supported robotics research at BruBotics, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, blending advanced robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and human biomechanics, Axiles Bionics developed a technology capable of recreating the unique combination of strength and flexibility of a human ankle.

This unique bionic technology is capable of bringing back a natural gait and posture during daily life activities, providing high responsiveness to the person’s intention and assisting during efforts by compensating for the lost leg muscles.

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