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New VUB/imec spin-off Swave

  • June 28, 2022

Swave Photonics, an innovator in Holographic eXtended Reality (HXR) technology to bring the metaverse to life, announced a €7 million seed round. The investment will be used to fund the commercialization of truly realistic, immersive 3D HXR gigapixel technology for a wide range of emerging applications. The demand for eXtended Reality (XR) technology that enhances or replaces our view of the world is exploding with the rapid emergence of the metaverse, a 3D world where participants can interact with people, objects and places and other applications benefiting from truly realistic 3D experiences. Swave Photonics is a new spin-off of imec and the VUB.

Participating investors in the initial seed round include imec.xpand, a value-add venture capital fund focused on nanotechnology innovations and Flanders Future Techfund (FFTF), a Belgian/Flemish public investment fund, are co-leading this seed round. QBIC, a Belgian inter-university venture capital fund is also participating.

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