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During (cancer) surgery, the surgeon can merely rely on visual inspection. NLITE aims to investigate novel intraoperative imaging applications based on fluorescence lifetime (FLT) and nanobody-based molecular fluorescence tracers. More specifically, it tries to conceive a unique video-rate FLT imaging system that will boost the applications of the clinically available fluorescent dyes or that can be used in combination with dedicated nanobody-based tracers. Ultimately, this will improve surgical accuracy, influence decision-making on a per patient basis and reduce surgically-induced side effects.

A consortium has been set up consisting of Prof. Tony Lahoutte, Prof. Sophie Hernot, Prof. Maarten Kuijk and Dr. Hans Ingelberts.

Learn more about this research here pdf fileNLITE_final.pdf (729 KB)


Rik van Heijningen
Business Developer