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NMDG (acquired by National Instruments)

Characterisation, modelling and testing of HF active electronic components

The NMDG team serves as the foundation to establish a Network Analysis Center of Excellence located in Brussels, Belgium and will work with NI partners and lead users in non-linear measurements and behavioral modeling in addition to influencing the future product development at NI.

Founded by Dr. Marc Vanden Bossche in June 2003, the roots of NMDG go back to 1990, when he started after his PhD. the Hewlett Packard R&D group at the VUB department Fundamental Electricity and Instrumentation (ELEC).

In  2012 National Instruments (NI) acquired NMDG NV. The company brings significant expertise to National Instruments in high-frequency measurements and network analysis.



Network Analysis Center of Excellence
National Instruments Belgium sa

Ikaroslaan 79
B-1930 Zaventem

[T] +32 2 757 00 20

In  2012 NMDG NV was acquired by National Instruments (NI).